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What's Christmas All About?

I love all things Christmas, but the overall best thing is the feeling. I love that happy, glowy, everything's right with the world feeling. And the best way to get that feeling is through service to others.

One memorable Christmas for me was when my husband and I were just a young couple. His older brother also hadn't been married that long, and had recently moved into a new house and was struggling to make ends meet. My husband had a good job and was doing well, so we decided to help make his brother's Christmas a little brighter.

We recruited the help of my husband's mother, and he took my sister-in-law shopping while her husband was at work, and that's when my husband and I went to work on our plan. A friend of ours worked in a furniture store, so we got a good deal on an inexpensive living room set, and we delivered it to their house while they were out. Then we set up a Christmas tree and decorated everything for Christmas. We finished just as my mother-in-law pulled up with the lady of the house. The look of joy and surprise on her face was worth all the effort! Her husband came home shortly after and we got to witness his joy as well. It was a feeling I'll never forget!

So if you really want to make the most of the season, look for someone to serve. You don't have to do something as elaborate as we did. Sometimes a simple smile or a sincere compliment is just what someone needs. However you choose to serve, cherish the Christmas spirit it brings!


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