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Rental Policy

Deposits and Payments

A minimum deposit of $100 is required at time of booking to reserve your date and event.  Full payment will be required 30 days prior to event.  We can place a soft hold for 2 weeks to hold the date before deposit is due.  Payment plans are available.


Cancellation Policy

We understand that plans can change.  However, if you must cancel your reservation, you will forfeit your $100 deposit.

Security Deposit

There will be a $200 refundable security deposit required on all rentals to cover damage that may occur. The service of alcohol increases this fee to $400.  If the damage is extensive, you will be required to cover repair costs.  This includes, but is not limited to broken windows, holes in walls (from staples for decorations or other--please check with us before placing anything on the walls), missing items from kitchen or audio/visual equipment, missing décor or rental items, broken chairs or tables, etc.  We will hold a check or credit card for the security deposit at time of final payment.  Your security deposit will be charged in full if all is not found in the same condition as when rented. Any additional expense incurred from damage or loss will also be collected at that time.


Customer Property

You assume all risk of damage/loss to your property at the facility.



You and your guests use the property at your own risk, and assume all risk with respect thereto. For complete details of release, indemnification, limitations of liability and other legal considerations, please see the Booking Agreement.


Policy for Self-Catered Events

Caterers please pay attention to these requirements and policies:
Cooking for events is NOT permissible.  A warming center is provided, as well as an industrial size fridge, a freezer and a convection microwave.  It is acceptable to use sinks and counter top areas.  Please bring everything already prepared.


We provide trash cans, trash liners, brooms, dustpan, mop, dish soap, dish rags, and cleaning supplies.  You are responsible for clean up of buffet serving tables and area around them as well as kitchen area and counter tops.  A detailed check-list is posted on the wall above the sink in the kitchen.


Alcohol Policy

Garden Near the Green is renting the facility to you as a private party and wish to inform you of your sole liability and responsibility regarding the handling and purchase of alcohol.

1.  An independent agreement must be made with a licensed and insured bartender.  They will NOT be under the employment of Garden Near the Green. 
2.  Renting parties should furnish all alcohol, garnish, mixers, glasses, straws and toothpicks.  Arrangements should be made with the bartender for picking up and providing these items.
3.  Wine and beer bars are recommended for simplicity and reducing your liability that may arise from service of stronger alcohol.
4.  A licensed and insured bartender and a server for every 100 guests when serving alcohol is required by Garden Near the Green. They are to clean up all served beverages from the tables and center for proper disposal.  If alcohol is found on the premises following an event, there will be an $1,800 fee assessed to the booking party.
5.  Bartender will need to furnish:  bus tubs, ice chests, bowls, ice scoops, bottle openers, wine openers, cutting board, knife, bar towels, etc.

6.  Alcoholic beverages will not be served one hour prior to the end of the rental agreement.

7. You will be responsible for exercising reasonable care in your service of alcohol to attendees by (i) complying with all applicable laws pertaining to the service of alcoholic beverages, (ii) not serving alcohol to attendees under the legal age limit, which will require you to verify the age of any attendee who seeks to obtain alcoholic beverages, and (iii) declining to serve any attendees whom you believe have had too much to drink.

8. You hereby indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Garden Near the Green, its directors, officers, employees and agents from and against any and all losses, damages, claims, expenses, and liabilities of any kind, including the costs and defense thereof, caused by or arising from your service of alcoholic beverages.

9. The security deposit will increase to $400 if alcohol will be served and you will be responsible for any repair or replacement costs if any damage arises to our facility and property. 

Booking Agreement

We require a booking agreement to be signed prior to reserving our facility for your next event.


Contact us and let’s get started planning your event!

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