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The Perfect Covid Wedding

This is it. You're tired of being cooped up and just want to be married already! But what about all the restrictions? How can you have the perfect wedding you've always dreamed of and still be safe and stay within guidelines for the present pandemic status? Here are some ideas:

1. Drive-by Reception

For all your friends and family who are uncomfortable with gatherings of any sort, you can accommodate them by doing a drive-by reception before the main event begins. Simply allot a half hour or so for the bride and groom to stand in front of the reception center where cars can easily drive up and people can pay their respects. No fuss, no bother, plenty of social distancing.

2. Formal Meal

Keeping within the current limits of social gatherings, plan a special, formal, sit-down dinner for those intimate friends and family who a drive-by "hello/good-bye/good luck" won't be enough. A smaller crowd should allow for more money in the budget to do things up right. And having smaller groups situated at tables limits the milling about where more contact with other people is made. Also, set up both indoor and outdoor tables, weather permitting, to allow for more distance.

Hey, this pandemic actually works for less social people like myself. I can attend events and not feel guilty about not introducing myself to those I don't know.

3. Google Calendar

Set up a Google calendar invite for specific times. This way you can spread your guests out over different time periods, which will allow more people to come because they won't all be there at once.

4. Masks and Hand Sanitizer

This pretty much goes without saying during these times, but have masks and hand sanitizer available for those who don't have their own, and encourage everyone to use them. It's a simple enough concept that could curtail disaster.

Rather than be discouraged because you can't have a wedding like your mom, your sister or your aunt who got married previous to the pandemic, think about what a unique opportunity this is to be able to tell future generations that you got married during a worldwide pandemic! Top that!


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