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Helps for Homeschoolers

My sympathies go out to all those who have been thrust into the world of homeschooling unprepared. I searched different blogs and came up with some ideas that could help.

A. Keep a Portfolio (by Misty Bailey)

  1. Select a binder (1 1/2")

  2. Select dividers and choose how to organize them.

  3. What to include?

a. important docs

b. curriculum

c. school calendar

d. math drill sheets, grammar tests, book reports, science experiment papers, artwork, history notes, field trip pamphlets.

e. snap shots of kids

B. Homeschool Activities (

  1. Read a book, practice times tables, create fact sheets on favorite animals, paint a picture, write a story, make a model of an animal or building, learn about a new country, complete a jigsaw puzzle, do a science experiment, write a letter to a friend or relative, create a collage of your favorite things, write a poem, do yoga, go on a bug hunt, made a bird feeder, play a musical instrument, learn origami, make a flipbook.

C. Mix It Up (from Homeschool Mastery Academy)

  1. Here are six routines to help keep it from getting boring:

a. Hold a cooking class 2 or 3 times a week

b. Create your own art gallery

c. Move your lessons outside

d. Use video games to make learning more interesting

(1) Look online for educational ones

e. Go on nature hikes to learn about science

(1) Study different trees, plants and flowers

f. Take breaks for exercise

D. Old-Fashioned Skills That Kids Need to Know (by

  1. How to write a letter; make a phone call; take a message; get to know an older person; play with a baby; sew on a button; make a genuine apology; read out loud; hammer a nail; shake hands; introduce yourself; take notice of needs around you; make scrambled eggs; balance a checkbook; see a job through; write a thank you note; do laundry; take care of a garden; fix something; plan a healthy meal; hang a picture; wash dishes; make a budget; wait and save for something; check tire pressure; ask questions to get to know something; read a map; find a book in the library; seek counsel from someone more experienced; care for a pet; select a gift someone will appreciate; admit a mistake; set the table; iron a shirt; give someone the benefit of the doubt; weigh out pros and cons of a decision; have good table manners; read a recipe; attend a concert or performance; do something well even if no one is watching; be KIND!

Having more time to spend with your kids could be a blessing in disguise. As frustrating as it may be at times, this is a priceless opportunity to teach them life skills one on one that there might not ordinarily be time for, with all the previous hectic schedules of running them here, there and everywhere. Cherish the time and get to know your kids on an even deeper level. Forge bonds that will last a lifetime and beyond! You might even learn a thing or two in the process.


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