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Gracefully Disinvite the Little Tykes

So, you like kids, right? But what if you just don't want them at your wedding? Is that okay? And if so, how do you let people know without offending them? I jotted down some little verses you could include with your invitations. Try one on for size.

We love kids, we really do,

But for our wedding, we just want you two.

We're not saying our wedding's rated "R"

But 18 and over is where we've set the bar!

Kids can be a lot of fun,

But for our wedding we want none.

We're trying to keep our numbers small,

So to enter, you must be over four feet tall.

We know your kids are a big part of your life,

But for this event, please, just bring your wife.

Kids in our future some day may be,

But we'd like our wedding to be kid free.

We hope that we're not out of line,

But a child free wedding would be divine!

Take a break from the kids and come celebrate with us!

Okay, so the last one doesn't rhyme, but it's straight and to the point. Some of these are better than others, I admit, but if none of them strike your fancy, make up your own! It doesn't have to rhyme, just express your sentiment. As long as you're not rude, offensive, or overly blunt. After all, people really do love their kids, but they also don't mind getting a break from them.

So as long as your feelings aren't along the lines of, "We hate kids, so leave the little brats at home," I think you can gracefully find a way to let people know that your wedding is an adults only affair.


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