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Wedding Checklist

Feeling overwhelmed and a bit frantic with your wedding is completely normal. A feeling of being lost is what most soon-to-be brides or newly engaged couples feel in general. Here is a wedding checklist that you can customize. Some things might not apply, so use this as a starting point: (Note that this is generalized for a bride but can work for any person planning a wedding.)

16-9 Months prior to wedding:

* Purchase/Designate a wedding folder of binder

* Reserve Date with Venue

* Hire wedding planner( If desired. By the way, we have a fantastic wedding planner! She can help you organize each of the following:)

* Work our your budget

* Make a list of the wedding party

* Begin guest list

* Book Officiant

* Research photographers/band/florists/caterers( We also have preferred vendors we can highly recommend in every area)

* Throw engagement party( if desired)

8 Months prior to wedding:

* Hire photographer/videographer

* Book entertainment

* Meet caterers (Schedule tasting with our caterer for a private date night at GNG)

* Purchase Dress (Contact our dress designer who makes custom dressed for under $500!)

* Reserve a block of hotel rooms for out of town guests

* Register at your favorite stores and/or websites

* Launch wedding website ( if desired)

7-6 Months prior to wedding:

* Select and purchase invites

* Start planning honeymoon

* Shop for bridesmaids dresses

* Meet with Officiant

* Send "Save the Date" cards

* Reserve structural and electrical necessities ( Chairs/Outhouse/Lights)

* Book Florist

* Arrange transport from wedding to reception location( if different locations, or just have all in one at GNG!)

* Start composing a day of/ wedding timeline

5-4 Months prior to wedding:

* Book rehearsal and rehearsal dinner venues (Both can be done at one location, OURS!)

* Check on wedding invitations

* Select and order wedding cake

* Send guest list to host of shower

* Purchase wedding shoes and start dress fittings

* Schedule hair and Make-up

* Choose music for wedding ceremony

* Create music playlist for reception (If not using DeeJay)

3 Months prior to wedding:

* Finalize menu and flowers

* Order favors

* Make list of people giving toasts( If applicable)

* Purchase under garments

* Finalize order of ceremony and Reception

* Print Menu cards and programs

* Purchase rings

* Send event schedule to vendors

2 Months prior to wedding:

* Touch bases with all vendors

* Meet with Photographer

* Review playlist with band or DeeJay

* Send invitations out

* Submit newspaper wedding announcements

* Enjoy bachelor and bachelorette party

1 Month prior to wedding:

* Enter RSVP into guest list data base

* Get marriage license

* Mail rehearsal dinner invitations

* Visit dress maker for final fitting

* Stock bar( Consult with licensed bartender if alcohol is being served)

* Send out as many final payments as you can

* Confirm time of hair and make-up

* Confirm all vendors

* E-mail and print directions for drivers of vehicles

* Assign seating

* Purchase bridesmaids gifts

* Write vows

* Get hair trimmed and colored as needed

Week of wedding:

* Reconfirm arrival times of all vendors

* Delegate small wedding day tasks

* Send a timeline to bridal party

* Pick up dress

* Check in one last time with Photographer

* Set aside checks for vendors

* Book Spa treatment or a manicure and pedicure for one day prior to wedding

* Send final guest list to caterer and all venues hosting wedding related events

* Break in shoes

* Assemble/ Distribute welcome baskets

* Pack for Honeymoon

Remember that a wedding coordinator can take care of many of theses details for you, should you choose to hire one. They may well be worth the money! Our wedding coordinator has packages starting at $250!

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