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Easy Christmas Centerpieces

My mom has a storage room full of jars from bygone days of canning fruit for a family of eight children. I was cleaning out the room, and contemplated throwing them away since they are taking up several shelves, but instead, I got on Pinterest and found a plethora of ideas for using Mason jars, so here is just one of them I got from

Glitter Mason Jars

1 cup of Epsom salt

1 T. glitter (preferably white or translucent. I used silver)

Mod Podge

Sponge brush for applying glue

Twine or ribbon

Small piece of greenery

Hot glue gun

tea lights

1. Mix Epsom salt and glitter in a bowl.

2. Apply a thin, even layer of Mod Podge onto the outside of the jar. (Don't get too much.)

3. Immediately pour or spoon over the Epsom salt mixture until all the glue is covered; set aside to dry for an hour.

4. Hot glue a small piece of greenery to the top of the jar, then wrap and tie twine or ribbon around. I used thick twine, and hot glued it down as well. I made a separate bow out of the twine and hot glued that to the front.

So before you chuck those extra bottles, consider this simple but pretty option as a fun addition to your Christmas decorations.

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