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Storage Tips for Tiny Bathrooms

As you start your new life together you might find yourselves living in a small apartment and having to share a tiny bathroom. Who knew men would have so many toiletries? So where do you put all your stuff? Here are a some tips from Good Housekeeping and a few other websites:

Repurpose a Bar Cart

A handy cart on wheels is a great place to put wicker baskets where you can store toilet paper and bathroom supplies.

Mount Magnetic Organizers

There are small, plastic organizers you can stick to the inside of your medicine cabinet for easy access to make-up and brushes.

Use Stick-on Spray Bottle Holders

These can be mounted on the inside of cabinet doors for easy availability of cleaning supplies.

Put Drawers Under the Sink

Small, plastic drawers can be stacked and labeled under the sink to utilize that storage space better and keep things at your fingertips.

Try a Storage Ladder

What the heck is a storage ladder? Good question. It's just a decorative ladder you can put over the toilet that makes a great place to hang towels and baskets for extra supplies.

Use a Tiered, Rotating Organizer for Make-up, etc.

These are handy because you can access your stuff from all sides.

Corral Favorite Items on a Tray

This is better than having them loose on the counter, and let's face it, we all have items we don't want to stash in a drawer.

Store Cleaning Supplies on a Lazy Susan

Then you can spin instead of dig to find what you want.

Put Rolled-up Towels in Baskets

This is a great option if you don't have a linen closet, or your bathroom is too far away from it. Roll up your towels and put them in a decorative basket under the sink. It even works for pedestal sinks.

Organize Hair Tools

One great option for this is an organizer that hangs on the inside of your cabinet doors. Keep all those unsightly cords out of the way.

Handy Toilet Paper

If you don't want to use floor space for a standing t.p. holder, and are tired of the old-fashioned ones that always seem to fall off the wall, store several rolls of t.p. in a flat basket on the back of the toilet. It's a bit of a reach, but worth it for the extra space.

Install a Second Shower Rod

Put the second one next to the wall and use S hooks to hang shower caddies, loofahs, etc.

Hang Bracketed Shelves

They're not too expensive, and you can stack them to the ceiling.

Utilize Backs of Cabinet Doors

I've mentioned a couple of uses for the backs of cabinet doors already, but you can also hang bins inside of them for extra storage.

Try Inverted Brackets

Install shelves with the brackets inverted to help keep loose stuff in place.

Install Magnetic Strips

These will catch things like bobby pins and tweezers so you don't have to constantly scrounge around for them in the drawer.

Hang Baskets on the Wall

Baskets are great for storage. Hang uniform ones up your wall for storage and style.

Decorate Boxes for Storage

You can turn ordinary cardboard boxes into cute storage bins by wrapping jute around the outside, close together, and glue it down until the box is completely covered, then cover the inside with fun fabric of your choice.

Shower Caddies - Not Just for Showers

Use them under the sink to stash your stuff.

Over the Toilet Shelves

Use baskets on them for more storage.

Wall Cabinet

Some models have hidden cabinets and towel racks.

Apothecary or Mason Jars

These make great storage containers for such things as cotton balls and Q-tips.

Bath Toy Bag

Hang a laundry lingerie bag from a suction cup hook to store bath toys.

Drawer Dividers

Keep things organized and easy to find with drawer dividers.

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