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Food, Glorious Food!

What's trending for wedding food these days? What can you afford on a budget that's still fun and tasty? Here's what I found: Okay, I didn't intend to add this first picture, but it's not letting me delete it, so go with it. It's kind of fun, anyway.

Charcuterie Boards

These boards are fun and beautiful. Create trays with various types of salami and sausages, cheese and fruit, nuts and crackers, or whatever else strikes your fancy. Olives and grapes are tasty and decorative additions. Fruit is delicious, pretty and healthy. Arrange it in various designs on a platter, or mix it together in a big bowl and serve with a fruit dip consisting of cream cheese mixed with marshmallow creme.

Pizza Bars

Get a good variety and put them on warmers to keep them hot. Serve on large wood slices for a rustic feel, or crystal cake stands for a touch of elegance. Combine with a salad bar for a complete meal.

Pretzel Bar

Serve on pegs, and have various flavors of melted butter to dip them in. Fun, fun, fun!

Donut Bar

Like the pretzel bar, pegboards make great servers for a donut wall. Paper doilies placed behind them adds a bit of flair. Ideas for the sign above them include "Treat Yo Self," "Donut Time," "A Hole Lotta Love," "All You Need is Love and Donuts," "We Donut Know What We Would Do Without You," "Do-nut leave Without a Treat!" "Donut Mind if I Do!" and "Love is Sweet."

Cookie Bar

Who doesn't like cookies? Serve with milk -- regular, chocolate and strawberry, or milk shakes. Make a cookie wall with small shelves mounted on a board. Baskets, platters, buckets and wood stumps are all serving options. Have signs identifying the types of cookies. Make a cookie tower instead of a cake. Slip the cookie on the edge of a glass of milk to serve them together. Good ole cookie jars or apothecary jars with tongs to grab the cookies, or metal or wood tiered trays are other ways to go. Use your imagination!

These are all fun options for turning every day foods into wedding feasts. And they won't have you eating Ramen for the next six months. So break out the cookie sheets and the peg boards and let's party!

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