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Weird Beauty Hacks

Beauty is a fun topic. Shelves and shelves of products cry out to be tried. Millions of dollars are spent. But there might be times you don't have fancy products on hand. What then? compiled a fun list of different beauty hacks which I'd like to share.

1. Use dryer sheets for fly away hair. Just take one and rub it down your hair. Hey, it works for socks, right?

2. For a fluffy texture to your bangs, use a razor instead of scissors to trim them.

3. Did you ever think dental floss could remove blackheads and not just plaque? Wrap some around your finger then rub it down your nose. Or get two dental floss sticks and squeeze them together over the problem area.

4. Use Kool-aid as a lip stain. Wet your lips and smooth the powder evenly over your lips. Smooth with a Q-tip afterwards to remove clumps. Cherry will make hot red, Pink lemonade makes hot pink, orange for orange, etc. You can even get crazy and use blue or purple.

5. Use toilet seat covers as oil blotters for your face. Fresh ones, of course. They work better than tissues. Wax paper baking sheets work, too.

6. Use silicone breast inserts to apply and blend foundation. You won't waste any product by it being absorbed in a sponge.

7. For thicker lashes, use baby powder. Apply a layer of mascara, then lightly coat your lashes in powder with a Q-tip, then put another layer of mascara to finish off.

8. Lighten dark armpits with potatoes. Shred a raw potato and rub it on your armpits. Leave for 30 minutes then rinse with water.

9. If your eyeliner pencil is hard and dry, heat it up. Use a lighter or match and hover your pencil over the flame for a few seconds to soften it up, but not enough to melt it.

10. Put tea bags in your shoes in the summer when you're not wearing them to reduce bad smells.

11. Brighten nails with a thin layer of whitening toothpaste. Wash off after ten minutes.

12. Toothpaste also works to makes your lips soft and less chapped. Put on for a minute, then wash off.

13. Banana peels can be used to whiten teeth. Rub the inside of the peel on your teeth (the pale yellow, stringy stuff) once a day for a week. Don't use overripe bananas.

14. Use red lipstick underneath your eyes to cover bags. Blend it, then cover with concealer.

15. Use a drop of face oil to dried out gel liner or eyebrow gel to reconstitute it.

16. If you get a big zit the night before your wedding, or some other event, you can instantly reduce the redness and inflammation by crushing an aspirin with a spoon and making a paste with distilled water. Apply for five minutes then wash off gently with a washcloth.

17. Re-hydrate dry, clumpy mascara with eyedrops. Add a drop or two and mix it with the wand.

18. To make your perfume last longer, rub vaseline on your wrists before spraying it on. Just don't rub your wrists on anything expensive.

19. Use apple cider vinegar as a rinse on your hair instead of conditioner to make it soft and smooth. After shampooing, mix one part vinegar with two parts water and pour through your hair. The smell does go away.

20. Use a spoon to make an even cat eye with your eyeliner. Use the handle to draw the line, and the spoon part as a guide to make the curve.

21. For Boho waves, braid your hair, then iron the braids with a flat iron.

22. Use an ice cube to numb your brows before plucking. No more pain.

23. Powder over eye shadow to reduce creasing.

24. Use conditioner as shaving cream in an emergency.

25. Use olive oil as make-up remover.

26. Use strawberries as a natural teeth whitener. Wash a strawberry then rub it on your teeth before brushing.

27. Take a piece of tracing paper and swipe it across your blush. Put that in your purse for a quick touch-up later in the day. Just swipe the paper across your cheek to apply the blush.

28. Use a t-shirt on your wet hair instead of a towel to reduce frizzing.

29. Mix different shades of foundation to get the right tone for your face.

30. Use roll-on or stick deodorant on the inside of your thighs to avoid chafing.

31. Moisturizer can be used for make-up remover if you don't happen to have any.

32. Clear nail polish will work as polish remover. Apply a thin layer then wipe quickly with a cotton ball.

Wacky, right? Who knew? I haven't actually tried any of these, so I can't tell you first hand if they work, but it might be fun to experiment. Happy beauty hacking!

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