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Why a Wedding Coordinator?

You've been dreaming about your wedding day since you were a little girl. You've planned out every detail. But now that it's finally happening, how are you actually going to pull it off? So many details, so little time. How are you going to manage it all without losing your mind? That's where a wedding coordinator comes in. For everything from meeting with the vendors to arranging for sparklers, the coordinator can make your special day as stress free as possible.

Garden Near the Green offers three different packages for hiring a wedding coordinator -- the Petite Package, Package Moyenne and Package Grande, depending on your budget and how much you want to turn over the reins. You can find the complete list of what you can expect in the wedding coordinator section of our website.

To name just a few things a coordinator can take off your plate: Venue set up and design, wedding day time lines, transportation management, assist with obtaining lodging for out of town guests, rehearsal direction, confirmation of vendors, creation of a seating chart, arrangement of wedding day meals for bridal party, etiquette advisement and supervision of wedding and reception.

The comfort of having steady access to a professional wedding coordinator can be priceless. It could mean the difference between pulling your hair out or feeling like a guest at your own wedding. You decide.

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