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Nail Fun, Not Nail Biting

Face it, you don't want snaggy, stubby nails for your wedding. Are you a biter? Stress is a common trigger and few things are more stressful than planning a wedding.

Facts about Nail Biting

The official name is Onychophagy. According to, about 50% of teens bite their nails, and many of them continue the habit into adulthood.


Nail biting can present bigger problems than just bad looking nails. Bacteria under your nails can be transferred to the gums, contributing to gingivitis and abscesses, causing harm to your teeth. It can also cause your teeth to change position and possibly break filings and crowns.

Bacteria can also be transferred to your digestive system leading to abdominal pain and diarrhea. And this is gross, but worm eggs can also hide under your fingernails and travel into the intestines where they hatch and turn into worms.

Tips for Kicking the Habit

Well, if the worm thing isn't incentive enough, lets discuss a few other things.

1. Decide you want to quit. You have to have a strong enough desire and reason to quit any bad habit.

2. Identify your triggers. Boredom, anxiety, stress or irritability often contribute.

3. Keep your nails filed. Jagged nails are too big a temptation.

4. Have regular manicures. If you've got money invested, it might be a deterrent.

5. Apply bitter tasting laquer. Although, some determined biters actually adjust to the taste.

6. Keep your nails short. Clip them before you can bite them.

7. Replace the habit. Chew gum instead. Occupy your hands with a stress ball or Silly Putty.

8. Take healthy steps like getting active, and managing your stress and anxiety.

9. Taper off. Stop biting your thumbnails, then pinkies, etc. until your whole hand is excluded.

There are so many fun manicures and nail art available today. Not to mention the beautiful ones you could get for your wedding. So decide now, be strong, and keep those hands folded in your lap!

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