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Wedding Timeline

Your wedding day can be harried beyond belief. It helps to have a timeline so you know what to expect and can keep things running smoothly. To help you start, here is a list from Wedding Wire of things to consider.

1. Will you be getting ready at the ceremony location or somewhere else?

2. Are your ceremony and reception in separate locations?

3. Are you providing transportation for your guests?

4. Are you taking pictures before the ceremony?

5. How long will the ceremony be?

6. Will you have a receiving line?

7. Will there be dancing?

8. Does your venue have a curfew?

9. Are you doing a first dance? Mother/Son, Daddy/Daughter dance?

10. How much time is included in your vendors' contracts? How long will the photographer, DJ/band, videographer, etc. be present at the wedding?

There are no guarantees that your wedding will go off without a hitch, but having a solid timeline in place can relieve some of the stress.

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