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Wedding Dress Shapes and Body Types

What is your body shape? What dress will look best on you? These questions should be considered as you shop, and not just what style you like the best. So what are the different dress shapes?


The mermaid is an elegant shape that hugs your body down to your knees then flares out. This is best for slender shapes and hourglass figures who like to show off their curves.

Ball Gown

The classic ball gown has a fitted bodice and bells out at the waist Cinderella style. This is a good style for most body shapes, but can overwhelm a petite figure.


This is a slim cut, straight dress style that follows the natural curves of your body. It is best suited for slender, petite and hourglass figures.


Similar to the ball gown, this style is form-fitting to the waist, then flares out gradually. This is a good style for all shapes and sizes.


Hemlines that are tea-length and higher are becoming more popular. If you've been working those calf muscles and want to show off your definition, or have some super cute shoes you don't want to cover up, this style might be a consideration.

Whatever style you choose, make sure it screams you, and not your grandmother or Aunt Haddie. Or even your best friend. This is your day, after all!

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