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Is Laser Hair Removal For Me?

Are you tired of shaving? Tired of stubble? Can't take the pain of waxing or epilating? Then laser hair removal might be for you.

How does it work?

Targeting hair follicles, using highly concentrated energy, pulses of light are emitted. Laser energy is attracted to the pigment of the hair, like sunlight is attracted to dark clothing, so it works best on dark, coarse hair on fair complexions, but they do it on all complexions and hair colors, it just might take longer.

How long does it take?

I used to think that laser hair removal was a one shot deal, then no hair forevermore, but, unfortunately, it's not quite that easy. Treated hair takes one to three weeks to fall out. It requires a series of treatments, but you should start seeing less and less hair after each treatment. But even after finishing the series, you may not be hair free. However, some places offer guarantees for the areas you purchase.

What are my choices of areas?

Commonly treated areas are bikini line, Brazilian, underarms and arms, upper lip and face, legs, body and eyebrows.

Does it hurt?

People who have had it done compare it to flipping a rubber band against your skin. One or two times of that is no big deal, but multiply that by the number of hair follicles... There are numbing creams available, or you might want to consider taking a couple of Ibuprofen before going in. Of course, everyone has a different pain threshold. Some places will have ice that will help numb the area to be treated, as well.

Cost is another consideration, so if you think you might want to try this, keep your eyes open for Groupon discounts. Happy hair removal!

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