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Overlooked, Cheap Honeymoon Spots

Want a truly unique, amazing honeymoon on a budget? While the places on the following list might cost more to get to, they all offer cheap lodging and food, as well exotic things to see and do that won't break the bank.


If bright lights and the energy of city life are your jam, head for Sofia. If you'd prefer to have beautiful beaches to yourself, the Black Sea is for you. If you like to sightsee, there are plenty of charming towns and bargain hotels to suit your needs. And for winter honeymooners, fabulous ski destinations await.


Exotic and enchanting, a visit to India will not be forgotten. Try an overnight sleeper on Indian Rail from Delhi to Udaipur for $20.


Eat delicious food for very little money while thrilling to the bustling marketplaces and mesmerizing mosques. Put those selfie sticks to good use!

South Africa

Start saving for the airfare, because the experience will be life changing. No need to book an expensive safari, either. You can drive yourself through Kruger National Park and safely see all the same animals. Food and lodging span the scale, so choose the ones to fit your budget.

The Andaman Islands

Just off the Bay of Bengal, these beautiful little islands have fabulous, white, sandy beaches. And if you're like me, you've never even heard of them, so they haven't been commercialized, and remain pristine.


Take a tour of the Angkor Wat fortress. It will take a bit of a bite out of your budget, but you can make up the difference with the super cheap food, lodging and transportation, and it is worth it.


They cater to honeymooners here, so they throw in many extras. Where are the best places to go? Phuket, Koh Samui and Krabi.


Great hotels for the money, and cheap food, there are also amazing and affordable diving spots.


With 17,000 islands to choose from, let me narrow it down: Bali for beaches and shopping; Ubud for surfing; Lombok for culture; and Java for a volcanic adventure- all honeymoons for the record books.


Simply drive around the pristine countryside for breathtaking views and enjoy amazing food for practically nothing.


If you're a hiker, this place is a dream come true. You'll see wildlife you've only imagined.


Cheaper than Brazil and Argentina, this puts South America within reach, and still has awesome beaches and affordable steak.


If you prefer to stay closer to home, try Michigan. On the stunning upper peninsula, enjoy charming, tourist-free villages and a collection of historic lighthouses.

Porto, Portugal

This colorful, teeming city is set on Rio Douro and has a plethora of great and affordable eating spots and accommodations, as well as inexpensive museums.

Whatever your pleasure, make sure you have proper documentation to enter and exit the country. Some countries require special immunizations. Check with a travel agency (our wedding coordinator can help arrange travel, as well) or government sites to determine all the requirements to ensure your honeymoon is worry-free. Then go and enjoy every breath-taking minute!

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