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If the Shoe Fits...

Let's talk shoes. What woman doesn't love them? Are you the sparkly, high-heeled, fancy type, or are you more likely to sneak a pair of tennis shoes under your wedding dress? What's more important -- style or comfort?

The good news is, from what I've seen, you can now have both. A wide variety of flats that have been decked out with lace, pearls and all sorts of bling are now available. Or you can do it yourself! Take your favorite pair of Chucks and go crazy.

If you have simpler tastes, a plain white pair of ballet flats will do the trick. If you can't decide, or you like fancy heels but dread standing in line for hours or trying to dance while wearing them, why not wear your Cinderella fantasy shoes for the ceremony and change to flats for the reception?

For an extra nice touch, have your groom write a sweet love note on the bottom of your heels, so when you do get a chance to put your feet up, everyone can see his declaration of undying devotion. Just make him do it in permanent ink!

You can achieve a mix of comfort and high heels with wedges. They will still flatter your calves but are more comfortable to walk in than regular high heels. Sling-backed, open toed sandals with a low heel also provide a nice mix.

Are you having a beach wedding? Check out the variety of barefoot lace sandals online.

Shoes can make or break an outfit, so whatever you choose, make sure they compliment your dress and make you feel pretty and confident, but also make sure you can wear them for more than ten minutes!

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