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Remember Your Guests

Gone are the days of the stuffy guest books that get stuck on a shelf and nobody ever looks at again. There are many different ways for your guests to leave their names and words of advice for the couple to enjoy for years to come. Some of the ideas can even double as decor for your new home.

  • Initial letter - Have a large initial of your last name for everyone to sign that you can then hang on your wall.

  • Rolled up messages in a bottle - Have slips of paper for your guests to write advice on then sign their names, roll them up and slip them into a bottle or jar.

  • Words of Wisdom chest - Similar to the rolled up messages, have pieces of paper or cardstock for the guests to write their words of wisdom on and put in the chest.

  • Calendar Book - Have a nice calendar book and instruct your guests to sign their names on their birthdate. That way you not only have their names but a forever reminder of their birthdays.

  • Puzzle - Have a puzzle made of a picture of the couple with large enough pieces for the guests to be able to sign the backs of them.

  • Checkerboard Quilt - Hang a quilt with squares that the guests can sign.

  • Fingerprints - This is a fun idea that can be used in different ways. They can be placed as a bunch of balloons, or leaves on a tree, with instructions to sign next to their fingerprints. Be sure to provide wet wipes for guests to clean their fingers.

  • Tree - Have a picture of a tall tree and the signatures act as the branches of the tree. This can also be a fun decoration for your house.

  • Jenga Blocks - Have your guests sign Jenga blocks and you can be reminded who was at your wedding each time you play.

  • Date Jar - Have your guests write ideas for a date then sign their name and put them in a jar. You and your spouse should have plenty of fun ideas for dates for some time to come.

  • Heart Drop - Have your guests sign little wooden hearts and drop them in a frame which you can then display.

  • Fabric Squares - Have squares of fabric cut and ready to sign, then they can later be sewn together to make a quilt or wall hanging.

  • Film - Have a small recording device ready to have guests record a message for you and you'll have a nice film of all your guests. This will be especially useful if you don't use a videographer.

  • Bucket List - Have your guests write ideas for an adventure you and your spouse should take and put them in a bucket for you to save and work on throughout your lives.

  • Engagement Photo Book - Have a book printed up of your engagement photos and have guests write their names and comments on its pages.

  • Vintage Globe - Pick up a vintage globe and have guests sign on it.

  • Wishing Stones - Get smooth, flat stones for your guests to sign. These can be displayed in glass jars or any number of ways.

  • Photo Mat - Have a wide photo mat around a picture of the couple for your guests to sign.

  • Swan - Or do like the couple below and have a swan to sign! The sky's the limit. Just use your imagination!

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