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Looking beautiful on your wedding day is a must! With that comes a lot of pressure and a lot of decision making especially when it comes to your hair. Do you wear your hair up? Do you wear your hair down? Or maybe half up and half down? The possibilities are endless, it seems, and there are so many hairstyle choices. In this post, we will list the most common updos. Included, is a definition of what they mean or look like for those not so hairstyle savvy. You can also google these hairdos. We used the most commonly used names for the hairstyle. Some names can be deceiving on how gorgeous that hairstyle truly is, so don't judge a hairstyle by it's "cover".

60's Beehive:

Long hair piled up in a conical shape on top of the head slightly backwards, AKA B-52 (because it resembles the nose of a Boeing 52.)

Ballerina Bun (with or without bangs):

There are many ways to execute this hairstyle but the two most common are; high on the head with more volume in the hair or low and sleek which is very classy.

Big Bold Braid:

Can go straight back, off to the side, or any combo in between. Adding accents such as flowers or beads makes you stand out even more. Some braids are tight and sleek others are loose and messy, either way this bold statement is sure to turn heads!

Bold Quiff:

Hair brushed upward and backward away from the forehead (Elvis Presley do.) This is generally paired with a bun or chignon, but works very well with short hair and not head pieces or veils.

Braided Updo:

This can consist of many braids twisted into a bun or chignon. This can be played high on the head or low and can also incorporate any kind of braid you can think of - French, Dutch, or Fishtail braids.


A knot or coil of hair arranged on the back of the head. Easily incorporated with many other hairdos, this makes for a great base to be added to or is very clean and crisp on its own.

Faux Bob:

Taking your long hair and "hiding" it into a stylish "short" bob hairdo. It's a nice contrast (if you have really long hair) to stand out on your big day without making permanent changes to your hair.

Grace Kelly:

Kind of a mash up of a chignon. A bold, sleek, and elegant beehive with a quiff thrown in the mix.

Jeweled Bun:

Loose or tight, high or low, the jewels within and around are the stars of the show here.

Loose Updo:

Loose curls, or moveable pieces with it all in the air, these generally are for more casual or laid-back looks.

Low Messy Bun:

Similar to the loose updo, but very casual and laid back. Generally, a low bun with pieces sticking out strategically. This hairstyle is very well paired with a low set veil or just flowers.

Milk Maid Braided Bun:

Characterized by two braids in a crown around the head meeting in a low bun. Can be as casual or high class as you want it to by what you accessorize it with.

Pony Tail:

This can be a pony/bun hybrid, can incorporate rosettes (hair twisted and pinned to look like roses) this can also be just a sleek and "poofed" pony tail. Has been done with straight hair, wavy hair or curly hair.

Revolves Around Head Piece:

This is pretty self explanatory but can be any up-do that you prefer, the real star of the show is the headpiece that you choose, this could be intricate or simple like a tiara or beaded headpiece.

Side Fishtail Braid:

This braid can be tight or loose and revolve around flowers, beads or diamonds. A crown of flowers is very complimentary for this hairstyle. This hairdo is not generally worn with a veil.

Side Swept Updo:

Can be any of the previously mentioned hairstyles but are set to the side, usually low buns or braids.

Sleek Low Bun:

The bun is the key to this hairdo. This is a well-kept, very chic look that works very well with a head piece or low set veil.

Sock Bun:

Also known as the "Donut Bun", this can incorporate braids and also be located high or low on the head.

Top Knot:

High twisted knot/bun. This works well with a low placed veil, a crown or a pearl strand.

Tucked Under Bun:

Low bun with everything tucked under, almost like an upside-down chignon or beehive. This is very sleek and elegant and crisp. This hairstyle goes very well with a low placed veil, headpieces or incorporating braids into it.

Voluminous Up-do:

This is a mixture of a quiff and a chignon. Teasing galore and very fluffed is a must with this do!

Whichever hair style you decide to do come wedding day, make sure it is a statement of yourself. You will still want to feel like you, just beautified. Once you have decided on which style, practice it many times. If you are uncomfortable doing it yourself, we would recommend hiring a hair stylist. Just be sure to have them do a practice run to make sure you are both envisioning the hair of your dreams.

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