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The Best Honor

This post will be directed to the recipients of the greatest honors bestowed at a wedding - the best man/groomsmen and the maid of honor/bridesmaids! If you are new to wedding planning or being part of a lucky couple's big day is a mystery to you, don't worry! We will outline the responsibilities and expenses that traditionally occur for the wedding party. We will start with the maid of honor's, then the best man's responsibilities followed by the bridesmaid's and groomsmen's financial responsibilities.

Maid of Honor

Pre-wedding day

  • First and most importantly, your biggest job is to keep the bride happy and relaxed. This can be achieved simply by being you. She chose you because you are special to her and she can rely on you.

  • Plan/Host bridal shower/s

  • Write down gifts received and who gave them at all wedding/bridal showers

  • Gown shopping with the bride

  • Schedule dress fittings for yourself and other bridesmaids

  • Spread the word about where the couple is registered

  • Coordinate other bridesmaids and their duties

  • Be the bride's right-hand man

  • Give a short and sweet toast at rehearsal dinner or reception

  • You should know ALL that is going on when it comes to wedding day. That way all questions can be sent to you so the bride can enjoy her big day.

  • Plan bachelorette party

  • Help bride plan and prep for entire pre-wedding season

  • Coordinate hair and make up for all bridesmaids and bride (if bride doesn't have someone already)

  • Attend ALL pre-wedding appointments with bride including cake and menu tasting

  • Coordinate accommodations and transportation for out of town bridesmaids or for all bridesmaids if wedding is out of town

  • Help decide on decor and favors

  • Address invitations

  • Write out place cards

  • Create music playlist for ceremony and reception if no DJ is coming or have access to bride's playlist that she has created and know what song is for what activity.

On Wedding Day

  • Act as a messenger for the bride

  • Play hostess - guide guests and answer questions

  • Make sure all vendors are in place and organized

  • Arrange bride's train and veil for ceremony

  • Hold bouquet during exchange of vows

  • Sign marriage license as a witness (if requested by bride)

  • Bustle dress for reception

  • Make sure that the bride and groom have eaten

  • Help bride with bathroom breaks

  • Collect gifts and cards and store them for safekeeping until bride and groom return from honeymoon (Best Man also has this duty. Coordinate who is doing it before the big day and make sure one of you is assigned this task. Don't just assume the other is doing it!)

  • Help bride change and store dress until after honeymoon

  • Timeline Tracker! Keep the wedding day on-schedule and going smoothly

  • Run interference! Many people will want to congratulate the bride or sneak a peek before the ceremony. Your job is to keep them out with kind words and a gentle, yet firm push.

  • Encourage dancing and fun at the reception

  • Prepare for send-off after reception

Best Man


  • Your biggest task is to keep the groom relaxed and happy on his big day

  • Help choose tuxes

  • Organize groomsmen fittings and keep them on schedule for wedding day

  • Plan and give bachelor party

  • Help arrange accommodations for out of town groomsmen

  • Organize gift for groom and bride

  • Keep groomsmen in the know about any last minute schedule changes

  • Organize the couple's departure from the reception

  • Decorate getaway car!

  • Confirm honeymoon travel reservations if groom requests

  • Attend rehearsal dinner and/or wedding rehearsal

  • Organize toasts at rehearsal dinner

On Wedding Day

  • Help groom get dressed if needed

  • Get any final payments for officiant from the groom

  • Take charge of wedding rings (give to groom during ceremony if there is no ring bearer)

  • Make sure groom has marriage license with him

  • Make sure all groomsmen are dressed and ready on time for ceremony, including boutonnieres

  • Guide ring bearer so he or she knows what is expected of them during the ceremony

  • Stand by groom while waiting for ceremony to start

  • Escort maid of honor down aisle after ceremony

  • Deliver fee envelopes

  • Sign marriage license as a witness (if asked by the groom)

  • Drive couple from ceremony to reception if in different locations

  • Keep groomsmen in line and accounted for for wedding pictures

  • Organize toasts for reception

  • Dance with maid of honor and bride (and in some cases, the mothers of the bride and groom)

  • Help groom change into honeymoon clothes

  • Take gifts and cards for safekeeping until after couple returns or touch base with maid of honor to make sure that she is taking them

  • Return groom's tux back, cleaned and in great condition

  • Do NOT let the Groom get wasted at any point on his wedding day!

Bridesmaids (this list is what your financially responsible for)

  • Apparel and accessories for the wedding for yourself

  • Transportation for and from wedding location

  • Contribution to gift for bride

  • Individual/group gift to couple

  • Optional - bridal shower, luncheon, and bachelorette party

Groomsmen (this list is also mainly financial responsibility)

  • Rental/purchase of wedding attire

  • Transportation to and from wedding location

  • Bachelor dinner

  • Contribution to gift from all groomsmen to groom

  • Individual or group gift to couple

  • Optional - bachelor party

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