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Registry for the Bride-to-Be

Your " I do" date is getting closer and closer. Now is the time to register! With making your list and checking it twice, I will help you know what is needed and what is just nice.

A good rule of thumb when it comes to your wedding registry is to have more gifts on your registry than guests to accommodate for engagement parties and shower gifts. It also gives your wedding guests and family more choices.

Here are the top 10 wedding registry questions answered to help you get a good reference point.

1. When should we register?

  • 4-6 months prior to wedding day if you have that time. If not, just prior to any scheduled parties or bridal showers. At a bare minimum, register prior to mailing your invitations.

2. How do I tell guests where we are registered?

  • On your wedding website, on your invitations, with your save-the-date, and/or with your shower invites.

3. Should I register if I am having a destination wedding?

  • Yes, but register for experiences i.e. Spa Day, breakfast in bed, or exciting tourist activities for your honeymoon.

  • Register across price point (details will follow on #7).

  • Mix traditional items with non-traditional registry items.

4. Is it appropriate to skip a registry and ask about a honeymoon fund?

  • Not at all! Usually this is done online to assist in financing the honeymoon (GoFundMe accounts or a bank account).

  • Register for what you need.

  • Give lots of choices.

  • Tell your story-- details, details, details. People love to know exactly what you're doing/what they are contributing to.

  • Let people know right away but not on the invitations (that is for traditional registry).

5. What if we live together already, what do we register for?

  • Register for upgrades and extras in your home (be specific).

  • Put practical items and fun items on registry.

  • You can also choose to pay it forward (with donations or charities).

  • Home improvement stuff (again be specific).

6. Online registry or in store?

  • Both! One major downfall is only registering in one place!

7. How much do I register for?

  • Register for two gifts for every guest invited.

  • 1/3 should be under $50

  • 1/3 should be under $100

  • 1/3 should be under $150

8. What retailers should I use?

  • High End

  • Inexpensive

  • Wild Card (Charities)

  • Check your registry often and update as needed

  • Amazon is a very easy and convenient way to register as most gifts will be mailed to the address you specify

  • Your favorite stores, such as Pier 1 Imports, Target, Walmart...

9. How do I ask for cash in a classy way?

  • Be specific about what you need not just "honeymoon fund." For example, fancy dinner, spa day, hotel, and special activities on honeymoon. It's also fun to add in a little humor, too, when asking for cash, for example:" Gifts are great, but with your permission, we are asking for cash for college tuition."

10. Do I need to register for china like my parents did?

  • Nope! If you don't want it, you don't have to register for it!

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