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Who Does What?

After the engagement craziness has died down and it's time to start planning your big day, you might be wondering, "How do I pay for my dream wedding? Which side of the family pays for what?"

No on likes to ask who is going to pay for what and you don't want to assume that certain parties are going to pay just because it's tradition. Here, we will outline what is traditionally done and you can choose for yourself what works best for your situation.

Traditionally, the breakdown goes as follows:

Bride/Bride's Family:

* Wedding Consultant

* Invites, enclosures, and announcements

* Gown and accessories

* Floral decoration for ceremony/reception

* Bridesmaid's flowers

* Bride's bouquet

* Tents, awnings, and aisle runners

* Music for the ceremony and the reception

* Transportation-bridal party to ceremony & reception

* All reception expenses

* Photographer, wedding photos, and wedding album

* Videographer and finished DVD

* Transportation and lodging expenses for officiant (As needed and/or invited by the bride or brides family)

* Accommodations for bride's attendants

* Bridesmaid's luncheon

* Bridesmaid's gifts

* Bride's gift to groom

* Groom's ring

Groom/Groom's Family:

* Bride's engagement ring/wedding ring

* Groom's attire

* Ties and gloves for groomsmen if necessary and not included in rental clothing

* Accommodations for groomsmen

* Accommodations for groom's parents and siblings

* Bachelor dinner

* Rehearsal dinner

* Officiants fees/donations/lodging if invited by groom or grooms family

* Marriage License

*Transportation of groom and groomsmen to ceremony and reception

* Brides going away corsage

* Boutonnieres for groomsmen

* Corsages for immediate family

* Groom's gift to bride

* Groomsmen gifts

* Honeymoon expenses

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