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Your wedding day is approaching and with all the planning, organizing and stress, you may have let yourself slip a little and are in need of some TLC with regards to your weight and skin care. Here are some tips on weight loss and more radiant skin in as little as 2 weeks prior to the big day! It doesn't need to be complicated. It really comes down to some tried and true practices that if applied, you will certainly see some great results!

Weight loss:

** when planning any weight loss program and its timing please note that it is safest to lose 1-2 lbs per week**

2 Weeks prior to wedding day:


- Your diet should be one that reduces your caloric intake.

- Lower your carbs and fats and increase your protein, this promotes the breakdown of fat mass.

- Meal ratios: 50% Protein, 25% Fat, 25% Carbs. (If you are exercising extra hard your ratio should be: 40% Protein, 35% Carbs and 25% Fats.)

- Choose lean proteins like chicken or seafood.

- Carbs should come from starchy veggies, fruits, and legumes.

- Stay hydrated! 2 full glasses of water before a meal will help with hydration and may also help fill you up so you eat less but feel full.


- Your exercise should focus on HIIT ( High-Intensity Interval Training, which means short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with less intense recovery periods), strength training, and cardio.

- You should schedule 3-5 times per week for exercise that last for at least 30 minutes per session.

What to Avoid:

** Alcohol and sweets, limit fruits and whole grains.**

1 Month Prior to wedding Day:


- Carbs should come from whole grains, legumes, fruits, and starchy veggies.

- Proteins should still be lean sources (chicken and seafood).

- Fats should come from healthy sources such as nuts, seeds, avocados, and olives.

- Portion control is more important than a super restrictive diet at the one- month stage.

- Ratio: 40% Carbs, 30% Protein, 30% Fat.


- Work out at least 5 days a week for 30-60 minutes per session.

- You have more flexibility with what work-outs you can do at this stage. As long as you have your heart rate elevated for the minimum of 30 minutes each session, you can choose any exercise you want. Have fun with it!

Skin and Beauty:

These beauty tips vary from professional to at-home regimens for clear, glowing skin, and brighter smiles, etc. and can be done as close as 3-4 days prior to your big day!


- Visit a dermatologist and schedule a skin peel, this can be done anywhere you see fit on your body, Ex. face, neck, or back.

- Botox is an option and results can be seen 3-4 days after procedure, but best results are at 2 weeks after procedure, this allows any swelling, redness or irritation to dissipate.

- Fillers for lips and laugh lines. (Give 1-2 days for redness and swelling to go down.) These are not as long lasting as botox or other permanent procedures. Fillers generally last 12-18 months.

- Skin resurfacing (microdermabrasion) can be a good final touch and can be done 2-3 days prior to event, this is generally called "Glow Therapy."

- Laser hair removal is a nice option to remove unwanted hair prior to your big day. This is a more permanent hair removal solution. If you are looking for something temporary, then waxing is the way to go.

- Teeth whitening will ensure your smile reflects the happiness within.

- With microblading and/or permanent cosmetics, streaks or smudges of make up will not be a concern on your busy day. A good lip stain will go a long way, too!


- Use a daily face scrub and body scrub that exfoliates. Make sure that it also has nutrients for your skin to help it heal and shine with products that include things like green tea and grape seed extract.

- Use coconut oil or moisturizers that have coconut oil in them.

- Try radiance boosting make-up.

- Take Vitamins including: B, C, and D vitamins.

- Try a Detox diet:

- 1 cup of warm lemon water each day

- Cut out sugar and alcohol for a few days (at least 5 days.)

- Up your fruit and veggie intake.

- Limit salty snacks.

- Juicing is another option-- Juice super foods such as: kale, broccoli, spinach, rainbow chard, celery, cucumber, ginger roots, and beets.

- Suck on an ice cube to increase circulation in the cheeks and lips which will result in plumper, more rosy skin.

- Get plenty of sleep!!!

Contact us to point you in the right direction for all of the above. We have connections for all things wedding and beyond!

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