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Winter Wedding Colors

Winter is a beautiful time of year with everything glittery and fresh. Winter weddings are equally as magical with rich warm colors to accentuate the crisp whiteness of the snow. Here is a list of winter wedding colors that work well with your winter wedding themes:

* Dark and Light purples

* Berry tones with blush pink

* Emerald Greens and Gray tones

* Radiant Orchid and Blush with Lavender

* Ice Blue, Grayed Jade and Ivory

* Carmel, Gray and Ivory

* Light and Dark Blues

* Darker Greens

* Teal/Aqua

* Browns

* Reds in any shade (usually darks with darks & lights with lights)

* Metallics (Theses are very trendy right now and come in many colors)

You can choose between 1-3 colors which can be successful but optimally 2 colors are best. Four or more colors can be a struggle but some have had success. Do your homework and research weddings with your color schemes, but most of all, enjoy creating your perfect wedding palette sure to please your palate.

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