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Bridal Fairs

It's a new year with such new possibilities! With a new year comes new bridal fairs! Here I have some wonderful benefits for attending bridal fairs ( if you're on the fence about it) as well as some tips to making the most of your experience there.

Top 10 benefits:

1. This is where you will gather the most info at once, make a personal connection, and find your key vendors.

2. You can compare services and prices, score a deal, or even get some freebies and discounts.

3. Get advice, ask all the questions you want, and get tons of inspiration.

4. Find out what's trending and what's hot.

5. You can register and sign up to win prizes.

6. You can taste test cakes and caterer's goodies.

7. Find out what you like and what you don't like.

8. Practice chatting with suppliers.

9. Gowns and wedding attire galore!


Survival Tips:

* Most bridal fairs are 1-2 days long, it's best to go on day one. Day two is generally a Saturday and very, very busy.

* Wear comfortable shoes and bring your wedding heels in a bag for trying on dresses.

* Don't take your fiancé unless he really wants to go. (Most grooms don't find it as awesome and can be a drag if bored.)

* Only take those who are excited to go, or else they can make the day very long.

* Be kind to the suppliers, it's a long day for them, too, and they remember the nice brides more when its comes to making deals.

* Eat a hearty meal before and bring a water bottle. Food can be pricey at bridal fairs. But don't worry, you can get plenty of samples!

* Bring a camera, so you can take pictures of the booths that you like. Pictures are much easier to remember things by. Be sure to ask the supplier permission, if possible.

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